Are Male Enhancement Pills Bad for you?

Are male enhancement pills risky? Will they make you ill? Do male enlargement pills even work… of course, if not, Why not? We get a ton of questions about male enhancement pills of many different types, and the simple fact is, in our view… they don’t really work, plus are not really worth buying at all.

Here are a few things you need to fully understand bout male enhancement pills:

There’s no real science that supports most of what you’ll read on the advertisements

There’s no real official body that regulates what is in PE pills, either. (in other words, whatever they market on the package, might have very little to do with what’s ultimately IN the bottle)

You will find many different Styles of male enhancement pills, which do very different things. For example? Some male enhancement pills are promoted as well as campaigned for Check it out to help cure premature ejaculation. Others are promoted for erectile dysfunction. Others still, are encouraged for penis enlargement reasons.

Some pills, particularly those that are oriented around short-term fixes for sexual dysfunctions, may in fact, be helpful. (especially those that require a prescription, or are RX in nature)

These are NOT similar though, as penis enlargement pills, which are obviously a different type of product (and promise) altogether. (and we’d argue – DON’T job, and generally are scams)

Natural male enhancement products are great in concept, but again, they are not governed by the FDA, which means, at minimum in the US, you have hardly any idea what you are placing into your body. This actually leaves you having to trust the creators of the product that they are not including dangerous, misleading or perhaps damaging materials in the pills you are gulping down – a trust proposition we don’t believe you must be making.

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