Pattaya Survival Guide

Pattaya has a good reputation as a city which is focused on entertainment and fun. Everybody here’s intent on trying to make this a memorable visit for you. Well just about everyone. I am not going to dwell on scams of this post, I cover that elsewhere. Pattaya is a safe community, however, a lot of visitors to this remarkable city get themselves in trouble by accident, by failing to understand Thai culture, or even by not adhering to some basic rules of excellent behaviour.

Crossing the road

Keep in mind that in Thailand, traffic drives on the left, so take care after you cross the roads, back home, especially if, you drive on the right. The style of driving in Thailand is very distinct from many other parts of the globe, though it is very predictable, once you understand it. I’d explain it as opportunistic, but tolerant of other road users. Drivers typically won’t quit for pedestrians even at designated cross walks. When you are crossing the road and see on-coming traffic, do not stop, see to it that the driver has noticed you as well as simply keep walking at the very same speed. Traffic will manoeuvre around you. You are more likely to get hit if you just stop in the middle of the street! By how this guidance doesn’t apply if the driver is a foreigner! Their driving behaviour is unpredictable!

Money, Credit Cards, ATM cards.

Have a minimum of cash whenever you go out. Decide how much you need for the day or the evening, and carry this amount of cash in a small wallet without other credit or debit cards. When you desire to take a bank card or ATM card, take only one card with you and keep this in a separate wallet. Go out of your other credit cards in your hotel room in a locked safe. Most businesses in Pattaya plan to be paid in cash.

Resolving Disputes.

In case you are overcharged for anything, whether a taxi fare or maybe bar bill, try to work out the subject in a reasoned and diplomatic fashion. Whenever that does not work, you just need to pay the bill as well as walk away. If you don’t have evidence that you had been overcharged, you are not gon na win an argument.

In case you have proof, go See this page – – the Tourist Police. (call 1155, or go to their stand at the north end of Walking Street after 7pm). They will assist you in dealing with the circumstances. Do not attempt to take the matter into your individual hands. Avoid confrontation at any cost. The odds of yours of success are exceedingly small.

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