To smoke Is Injurious to oral and Dental Health!


Smoking is inhalation and exhalation of fumes by the burning of tobacco of cigars, cigarettes and pipes. Many of us are conscious that smoking is bad for health; however almost all of us are unaware of the point that smoking contributes for several dentist problems. To smoke cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, cigars, reviews on power bite hookah water pipes and another kind of tobacco intake causes dental issues. Dentists should try and educate their patients regarding the damage that smoking can cause to their dental health. The same as every other factor of the body teeth as well as gums are extremely important and must be cared for thoroughly.


The growing of tobacco started out in Central America around 6000 BC. The tobacco was put to take advantage of for chewing and smoking only in 1000 BC by the Mayan Civilization. They smoked and chewed the foliage of the tobacco plant; they also used it for curing wounds by applying the combination of tobacco with herbs. As soon as the Mayans migrated to other areas – north and South America – they also took tobacco plants with them for growing in these places.

Columbus was the very first European to notice tobacco leaves.

Dental and oral Health conditions that arise as a result of smoking/ tobacco usage

Some of the main dental and tooth health conditions that smoking causes are as follows.

Dental Cancer

Gum Problems


Halitosis/ terrible breath

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